Chafe-Pro Fender hooks

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Chafe-Pro Fender hook.

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Continuing on the success of our rope protection is our Fender hook. We have been able to create something truly unique. Our fender hook features our anti slip technology for use on SS cap-rails. When protection of the surface is more important, like painted wood, our option with the sheepskin on the inside might be more suitable.

Our 100% sheepskin is made from New Zealand sheep and will not lose hairs or bleed over time.
The maintenance free leather is the highest quality available, it is UV stable, weather proof and it won’t dry out for many years.

Fender hooks are easy to use.

Using our fender hook is very easy, After you place the hook on your guardrail or wire, just feed the line through both stainless steel grommets and cleat it in our polished or matt black or Stainless Steel cleats. Because the fender line will trap the hook there is absolutely no chance of it coming of unwillingly.

On the back side is a small Velcro loop where the excess line will stow. Keeping your deck clean and organised.

fender hook chafe proMultiple options.

Choose between two options for the fender hooks, black or brown leather finish. Wooly Sheepskin, or anti slip on the inside. Standard cam cleats are polished stainless steel but mat black aluminium is also an option.

Just let us know, the choice is yours.

fenderhook wbbing Sheepskin fenderhook SS cleat on fender hooks

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