Chafe-pro Megayacht series

Chafe-Pro Megayacht series is ideal for protection a yacht’s docking line.

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Chafe-Pro’s Megayacht series are designed to protect against abrasion and chafe. This will extend the life of your expensive mooring ropes, keeping you and your yacht safe. The Megayacht series are constructed using multiple layers of heavy duty nylon to ensure a long lifetime for the product. With optional embroidered logo’s and stitched seams these are not only functional but also stylish.

No mooring is the same.

With other products installing them on a dock line can be a real hassle. This will be especially evident when mooring on another location. Because of this problem Chafe-pro uses an heavy duty Velcro attachment and can be installed or taken of within seconds.

This Velcro gives us the flexibility to install our Megayacht products on a broad size of mooring lines. Added strips of hooks on the inside prevent the unit from sliding.

Mooring rope protection for every yacht!

Chafe-pro offers a compelling size range, starting at 24mm for medium size yachts up to 60mm for the biggest superyacht out there.

The table to the right represents our standard range of Chafe-Pro megayacht seriesMegayacht products. We stock most of these models enabling us to ship anywhere within days!  Click the “get a quote” button below to learn more about us and what we can do for you.

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Chafe pro has been developed for the most extreme circumstances.

Abrasion testing has shown the Chafe-Pro® products to be more resistant to chafe and abrasion, than marine-grade fire hose and chafing gear made from such materials.

Let this video speak for itself:

For over 20 years the products have proven itself by protecting the lines of US coastguard and US navy, and has even found its way into the super yacht industry keeping the physical strengths but combined with great aesthetic aspects.