Chafe-pro wooly paint protection

Chafe-pro Wooly protects your paint and gelcoat!

Wooly paint protection

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The Chafe-pro Wooly is designed to prevent fender and dock lines from scuffing paint, gel coat or teak decks on yachts. They are made of the finest New Zealand sheep skins, as a result they are very soft on the outside and durable on the inside.

Easy to install!

Installing them is very easy, all Wooly’s come with a Velcro attachment and can be installed or taken of within seconds. The Wooly’s are designed to withstand harsh environments but they can collect dirt or residue over time.  Because of the Velcro they are easily taken of the line and machine washable. Just be sure to use a leather conditioner afterwards or better use Chafe-Pro’s Conditioner.

Paint protection for every yacht.

Chafe-pro offers a compelling size range, ranging from small to very big line diameters.

Chafe-Pro wooly series

They are available in black and white ranging from 10 mm fender lines, to 40 mm mooring lines.  The table to the right represents our standard range, we stock most of these sizes enabling us to ship anywhere within days! Special sizes are available upon request.

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