Chafe-Pro Yacht series

Chafe-Pro Yacht series rope edge protector.

Yacht series rope edge protection

For static rope edges.

Our yacht series rope edge protectors are designed to be used on places where there is no movement, for example around fair-leads or deck moldings. Aimed at smaller yachts they are a little smaller and lighter to make sure they fit around the lines but also fair-leads and cleats if necessary.

Usability is key.

With other chafe protection protection products installing them or changing location can be a real hassle. Because of this problem chafe-pro uses a heavy duty Velcro attachment and can be installed or removed within seconds. Saving you time and hassle free.

Chafe protection for your yacht.

Our yacht products are constructed using 2 layers. The outer layer, marine grade polyester and an inner layer with heavy duty nylon. This will make the product though enough to be used as a static rope edge protector in harsh environments. They are available in 2 sizes ranging from 10 tot 38 mm.

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