Dyneema mooring lines

Dyneema mooring lines for superyachts

Looking for Dyneema mooring lines?

We offer you Dyneema mooring lines for Superyachts 80 to 180 meter

Yachts 80 to 180 meter benefit most from Dyneema; the increased break loads allows for great reductions in weight, diameter, and bulk on-board.

Selling M-ropes and Gleistein ropes with short lead times throughout Europe.

Long lasting and strong

Does not harden and kink
Soft to the touch
Extremely high break loads
Hard wearing polyester cover
EN ISO 9554, ISO 2307:2010

M-ropes or Gleistein  Dyneema mooring lines will keep your yacht safe in all conditions, made exclusively from high-tenacity polyester and Dyneema cores to provide excellent longevity and great break loads.

M-ropes D32 Dyneema  
Diameter (mm)Break load (kN)Weight (kg/100m)
28mm412 kN41.07 kg
32mm569 kN57.14 kg
36mm667 kN65.11 kg
38mm765 kN73 kg
40mm873 kN84.4 kg
Gleistein Xtwin Dyneema  
Diameter (mm)Break load (kN)Weight (kg/100m)
28mm520 kN43.2 kg
32mm688 kN59.3 kg
36mm831 kN68.7 kg
38mm905 kN76.2 kg
40mm1027 kN87.5 kg

Mooring line stretchers

Dyneema is great in its strength but lacks stretch necessary in a mooring line. Shock loads caused by wake and swell can damage deck hardware. We advise using polyester stretchers to do the “dirty” work. A polyester stretcher will take up the shock loads and stretch keeping your yacht and hardware save. This makes the Dyneema mooring lines last longer and if the stretcher is worn or damaged easy to replace.

Learn more about stretchers

mooring rope identification

Standard identification tags

Standard on all M-ropes mooring lines is our NFC tag. Enabling you to scan the mooring line and know the production date, breaking strength and other details within seconds.

Learn more about NFC

Three Eye-Splice finishes

Standard on all Dyneema mooring lines is Chafe-Pro protections. Other options include heavy duty or chrome leather.

Learn more about finishes

Fast deliveries

We are able to prepare and ship your order in 3 to 4 weeks.

We have excellent transportation partners, providing shipping throughout Europe and the United Arab Emirates. Shipping options include; Express parcel services, road, sea and Air freight globally. Just let us know and we’ll get your order there when you need it.

by James Plumb, MY Queen Miri (93m) on mooring line

Great service and advice from More Marine. We purchased the 36mm Dyneema lines with stretchers and they do help with handling compared to thicker polyester lines. The delivery was received on time in Genoa and contacts at More Marine were always on hand to update.

James Plumb, Chief officer MY Queen Miri (92m)

by M/Y Hayama on mooring line

We purchased mooring lines from More Marine and they are great to use. The delivery was right on time in Greece, and contact was easy and very helpful. I love new technology NFC on Each line - I always know which line is 25m 35 and 50m - very useful. I will use More Marine in future for sure. –

Beata Knazovicova, 2nd officer M/Y Hayama (61m)

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