Leather sandbag heaving line.

Leather sandbag heaving line.

heaving line

If your not looking for a custom leather sandbag heaving line with the best possible finish. This sandbag alternative is the way forward.

Made of black leather filled with 400 grams of sand and combined with 30 meters of 8 mm black or white polypropylene 3 strand throwing line. The leather sandbag is stitched all around and a heavy duty grommet is inserted where the throwing line will attach. This  simple and effective heaving line will do the work while also being safe and reliable to use.

Safe to work with!

While weighted Monkey fists have been the standard for years. They can also do some serious harm if used incorrectly. Leather sandbags are a great alternative to the classic monkey fist, they will fly just as good but will absorb the impact upon landing. Ensuring a happy ground crew!

The 3 strand polypropylene throwing line will float in water, is very easy to coil and will not kink. This ensures a reliable and forgiving system to work with you.


Because of our non customized approach we are able to stock these items and ship them anywhere in a hurry. Contact us for more information and learn more about us, and what we can do for you!

We can supply the heaving lines with our mooring lines, if you like to learn more about this have a look at our mooring line options here.

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