Mooring line stretcher

Are you using Dyneema mooring lines?

As yachts get over over 80 meters Dyneema becomes more beneficial. With almost twice the strength as polyester in the same diameter, this allows for very big weight and bulk savings.

Dyneema is great in strength and weight, but lacks stretch necessary in a mooring line. Shock loads caused by wake and swell can damage deck hardware. When a dyneema docking line is used, a polyester stretcher is strongly advised. A polyester stretcher will take up the shock loads and stretch keeping your yacht and hardware save. This makes the dyneema mooring lines last longer and if the stretcher is worn or damaged easy and cheap to replace.

Gleistein Polyester stretchers

The stretchers are continues loops of 4 meter double braided polyester. Polyester has great stretch properties and will ensure safe mooring. The main Dyneema mooring line is cow hitched onto the polyester stretcher, the other side of the stretcher goes around the bollard on the shore. As an added benefit you have an easy to replace and inexpensive part to do the dirty work. We finish the stretcher with protective abrasion gear on the highest abrasion areas.

According to OCIMF regulations the stretcher should always be around 20% stronger than the main mooring line. If something breaks it is better to have the dyneema part breaking since this part doesn’t store “energy” and  won’t recoil.


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