Mooring line stretcher

Mooring line stretcher for dyneema docking lines.

Mooring line stretcher

Dyneema is great in its strength and weight but lacks the stretch necessary in a mooring line. Shock loads caused by wake and swell can damage deck hardware. When a dyneema docking line is used, a polyester stretcher is strongly advised. A polyester stretcher will take up the shock loads and stretch keeping your yacht and hardware save. This makes the dyneema mooring lines last longer and if the stretcher is worn or damaged easy to replace.

We prefer having the stretchers a greater breaking load compared to the dyneema lines. If something breaks it’s better to have the dyneema part breaking since this part doesn’t store “energy” and  won’t recoil what a stretching rope would do which could be dangerous.

How does a stretcher work?

Mooring line stretcherThe stretchers are generally continues loops of 4 meter double braided polyester. Polyester has great elongation properties and will ensure a safe mooring. The dyneema mooring line is being cow hitched onto it, and the other side of the stretcher goes around the bollard on the shore. This way your expensive dyneema mooring line is protected and the short stretcher is there to do the dirty work.

We finish the stretcher with protective Chafe-Pro abrasion gear on the highest abrasion areas.

Flexible delivery options.

We understand your yacht is always on its way. Therefore we work with a couple carriers to ensure we can deliver your stretcher anywhere and anytime. Just ask us for your needs and well find a solution!

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