Nautibuoy C-dock for seabob’s

Nautibuoy C-dock for seabob.


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Nautibuoy launched a range of C-docks compatible with the F5 and F5s seabobs.

A brilliantly simple c-dock for the Seabob.  A perfect addition to our already popular platforms.With convenient and very strong webbing straps your C-dock is easy to tie up and very secure.

The choice is yours, tie them up, anchor them, tether them or connect them together. It just works making your day on the water more enjoyable.

C-dock in action with seabob Avoid lifting. 

The C-dock avoids the need for lifting the seabob in and out of the water. You just drive straight in and tie up. Easy, secure and convenient way of docking you seabob.

To prevent flip-overs and sliding on the water, the dock has a 40 liter ballast bag which is designed to be easy to use and empty if needed.

They are fully compatible and connectable with all other platforms or as a stand alone unit. Why wait? We have a large range of platforms and accessories that are in stock and ready to ship. With our standard and express shipping services you could have your order in just a few days.

The C-dock is just one of Nautibuoy’s great accessorizes for a great day on the water. Have a look at our catalog here.

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