Polyester mooring lines

Polyester mooring lines for superyachts

Looking for Polyester mooring lines?

We offer you Polyester mooring lines for Superyachts 40 to 80 meter.

Yachts 40 to 80 meter benefit most from Polyester; raw material price is lower than the more traditional Nylon. Also Polyester Mooring lines will stay soft and flexible for longer and loses no strength when wet. Yachts 40 to 80 meter will typically use between 32 and 44 mm Polyester mooring lines, this is a great size which provides excellent break loads but still being relatively lightweight for easy handling.

Selling M-ropes and Gleistein ropes with short lead times throughout Europe.

Long lasting and strong

Does not harden and kink
Soft to the touch
Very high break loads
2 year warranty (only on M-ropes)
EN ISO 9554, ISO 10547 standards

M-ropes or Gleistein  polyester mooring lines will keep your yacht safe in all conditions, made exclusively from high-tenacity polyester to provide excellent longevity and great break loads.

M-ropes M32 Polyester  
Diameter (mm)Break load (kN)Weight (kg/100m)
30mm186.2 kN68.35 kg
32mm210.7 kN76.3 kg
36mm264.6 kN97.2 kg
40mm323.4 kN120.8 kg
44mm392 kN146.35 kg
48mm460.6 kN176.75 kg
Gleistein Geotwin Polyester  
Diameter (mm)Break load (kN)Weight (kg/100m)
30mm197 kN68 kg
32mm220 kN78 kg
36mm291 kN99 kg
40mm362 kN121 kg
44mm422 kN147 kg
48mm505 kN177 kg

mooring rope identification

Standard identification tags

Standard on all M-ropes mooring lines is our NFC tag. Enabling you to scan the mooring line and know the production date, breaking strength and other details within seconds.

Learn more about NFC

Three Eye-Splice finishes

Standard on all M-ropes mooring lines is heavy duty hand stitched leather. Other options include Chafe-Pro or chrome leather.

Learn more about finishes

Color coded whippings

Standard on all mooring lines are color coded whippings which makes identifying even easier.

Learn more about whippings here

Fast deliveries

We are able to prepare and ship your order in 2 to 4 weeks.

We have excellent transportation partners, providing shipping throughout Europe and the United Arab Emirates. Shipping options include; Express parcel services, road, sea and Air freight globally. Just let us know and we’ll get your order there when you need it.

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