Polyform US fenders.

polyform fendersPolyform US fenders

The Polyform fenders have been known for a long time for the best available quality fenders when it comes to non-inflatables.
They are inflatable of course, but the fenders are made out of a very solid high quality material that guarantees long term safety of the boat.
Polyform is unique in its quality, the wall-thickness is extreme consistent, the construction is made out of 1 piece, and the vinyl vales are simple and effective. This all makes the fenders having a great overall durability.

Where other fenders tend to become soft and sticky in the sun, attracting sand and dirt, Polyform fenders stay as they are. The fenders can even be cleaned with a polisher to make it shine again after many years!get a quotation

Most popular fender is the F-series like the Polyform F11 or Polyform F13. The cilinder shaped fender has got solid eyes on both sides to be able to hang them horizontal if needed.
The eyes are extreme strong, and they are available in white, black or blue. All with a stylish navyblue color head.

The A-series fenders are great for using as a bow- or sternfender. The specifications are the same as all Polyform fenders with solid eye and consistent wall thickness. The A5-A7 have a dual-valve system making it easier to deflate them in order to save space.

Polyform F-series sizing table       Polyform A-series sizing table

We supply the full range of fenders, please click here to download the Polyform catalogue.
If you are looking for the best protection for your boat, these are the fenders you are after!


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