Ronstan Safety Rails, window wash, sailtrack systems

Ronstan Safety rails, Window Wash, Sailtrack systems.

safety rails, window wash, sailtrackRonstan supplies the best safety rail systems for window cleaning purposes on board of your superyacht. The system is specially designed with some neat features.
Ronstan’s series 22 and series 30 systems are fully approved and certified by Lloyds Register to meet the European standard EN795: 1996 Class D and the latest EN795; 2012 Class D, (personal fall protection equipment – Anchor Devices).
CE certificate number CPN1320095/1A2

The system is well designed for easy window cleaning; the shackles are extra wide so it is easy to hook in. The SS shackles are protected with rubber buffers to avoid vibrating against the aluminium body of the car.
A locking plunger can be set to stay open, or to lock the cars in the desired position.
“No-service” Torlon balls are fitted for optimum performance with low friction.
The systems are standard available in black or silver anodized (both cars and tracks)

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M6 or M8 mounting;

Ronstan has developed 2 systems; Series 22 and Series 30. This stands for 22mm rails or 30mm rails. Both of them are certified and can be used on superyachts.
The advantage for the Series 22 is the size and mounting. The cars are only 58mm wide and the tracks can be mounted with M6 bolts. M6 requires a thinner superstructure material compared to M8 which sometimes can be beneficial.
The Ronstan safety rail system can be mounted either horizontally or vertically.


System items and options.

ronstan safety rails

The system exists of the rails (RC1220-3.0) end stop (RC12281S), tandem car (RCC22-2) and an optional equipment car (RCC22-3) to be connected with a SS plate (RCC22-4).

Bended tracks.

It the tracks need to be bended, there is a minimum radius for the system. The 22mm system can not be bended more than a 5mtr radius. If the radius is smaller, cars might get stuck.
We provide custom Series 30 cars that are specially designed to run on extreme bended tracks. Contact us for more information on this.

Fender cars.ronstan fendercar

The tracks are mainly mounted in positions on the superyacht that are very suitable for hanging points for the fenders. The Series 22mm cars can be silver or black anodized and have a polished SS eye on top of the car body.



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