Tuff Luff slotted headstay systems

Tuff luff headsail systems.

Tuff luff double slotted headsail or forestay systems with its revolutionary airfoil shape love sailing and sailors love them. Its airfoil shape provide lift and provides a steady stream of air for the head sail, providing maximum lift and pointing capabilities. The twin slots are for easy hoisting of a new head sail while the other one is still providing drive for you yacht.

More Marine Superyacht, is European distributor for Tuff luff and we have most models on stock for direct shipment across Europe.

They are available in a variety of sizes suitable for the smallest keel-boat to the biggest of sailing yachts. Also have a look at our size chart or send u an email if you are not sure.

art.nr max.stay length max. stay diameter rod size luff tape
1205-30 10,2m 6mm -10 4mm
1205-36 12,2m 6mm -10 4mm
1205-46 15,2m 6mm -10 4mm
1706-36 12,2m 8mm -17 5mm
1706-46 15,2m 8mm -17 5mm
1706-59 19,2m 8mm -17 5mm
A1706-46 15,2m 8mm -17 5mm
A1706-59 19,2m 8mm -17 5mm
2206-46 15,2m 10mm -22 5mm
2206-59 19,2m 10mm -22 5mm
2206-72 23,2m 10mm -22 5mm
A2506-59 19,2m 10mm -25 5mm
A2506-72 23,2m 10mm -25 5mm
3007-80 26,2m 11mm -30 6mm
4807-95 30,7m 14mm -48 6mm
6008-110 35,3m 16mm -60 7mm
7608-130 37,8m 18mm -48 7mm

New in their line-up is the black colored Tuff luff Aero which feature an even better airfoil shape, minimizing drag and maximizing lift! This Makes sure you have the best upwind performance out of your sailing yacht. Made of high end materials to keep you going.

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