Tylaska SS series snap shackles

Tylaska SS and SS20L series snap shackles

Tylaska SS20

Tylaska SS plunger pin snap shackles are a high strength positive locking plunger pin shackle. They are very easy to open and close, with a positive snap close and open. They are not designed to be released under load making it safe for lifting without the risk of an accidental opening.

The Tylaska SS series comes in the following specifications:
Tylaska SS10 – 4536 kg workload
Tylaska SS20 – 9080 kg workload

SS series specifiactions

SS20-L lifting hook

The latest developed Tylaska SS20-L shackles are made for Lifting, and are fully CE certified, however not Lloyds or DNV-GL certified
The SS20L Stainless Steel Plunger pin lifting hook meets the CE requirements for lifting, and can be used for personnel lifting applications in accordance with OSHA rules 1926.1431(g)(1)(i)(A) and 1926.1501(g)(4)(iv)(B).
The SS20-L is available with a standard bail or a Clevis bail and both have a working load limit of 2.0 tons for general lifting, or 1,6 tons for personnel lifting.
Download the SS20-L lifting hook data sheet in PDF format.

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