Tylaska shackles SS10, SS20 and LH 10 series for hoisting lines and overhead lifting.

Tylaska SS10, SS20 and  Dynaone HS Geobend for hoisting lines.

Being distributor for Tylaska USA and Gleistein ropes, we supply certified dyneema ropes and cables with Tylaska SS10, SS20 and the LH series LH8, LH10 and LH13.
For overhead lifting the Gleistein Dynaone HS Geobend is required, in combination with the new Tylaska LH or SS series.

We splice the ropes and will label the cables referring to the production dates.

Whether you are lifting the dinghies, or tenders on board of your superyacht  we can provide the required cables.

Our splicing protocol together with the Dynaone HS ropes makes the system safe and maintenance free.
We provide the cables to the Dutch superyacht builders but can also provide spare cables for your superyacht.
We can supply the cables including a SS weight with hi-polished finish, or protected with leather.

tylaska LH10

Tylaska LH series

Tylaska SS10 - SS20- SS-40

Tylaska SS series

tylaska T shackles

Tylaska T series








Dyneema has some great benefits to be using for cables. However there are some factors that need to be taken in account.
We use Gleistein Dynaone HS Geobend which is heavily pre-stretched and heat-set, meaning it is being pre-stretched in an oven and slowly being cooled down. Even though it is pre-stretched, the cables will always have about 1% stretch when hoisting the tender. In certain cases there is just enough room to hoist the tender and to move it outside of the yacht. This will require precise splicing of the rope.
The Geobend treatment of the rope means it is designed to perform better on sheaves with high loads on it. This ensures maximum breaking load and a long life-span of the cable.

Tylaska recently launched their latest Tylaska LH-Series, the Self Locking Hooks. These are certified with CE, however not with Lloyds or DNV-GL

The Tylaska LH series comes in 3 size:
Tylaska LH 8, working load limit of 2,6 tons
Tylaska LH10, working load limit of 4 tons
Tylaska LH13, working load limit of 6,8 tons

The LH10 is available now, the LH8 is expected end of 2017 and the Tylaska LH13 will be available in 2018.

Click here for the sizes and technical information about the LH series in PDF.


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