Tylaska T snap shackles

Tylaska T-series snap shackles

Tylaska snap shackle

Tylaska T series snap shackles are perfect for high load applications with the ability to open them under load. You can open and close them very easily with one hand, perfect for sail changes or spinnaker peels.
Tylaska T shackles are market leader for many years. The products are made of high grade Stainless Steel and have a patented design.
The shackles can be opened by putting the finger in the trigger hole, or by using the spike or plug-fid for remote controlled opening.

The Tylaska T shackles come in the following sizes:

Tylaska T12 – 100mm – workload 2727 kg
Tylaska T16 – 120mm – workload 3628 kg
Tylaska T20 – 130mm – workload 4545 kg
Tylaska T30 – 160mm- workload 6818 kg
Other sizes on request.

T-series trigger shackles

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Every Tylaska T shackle has been tested under load before shipping to ensure the best quality.
The design has been done with the latest CAD software. Aerospace grade 17-4 PH patented construction made out of Stainess Steel makes Tylaska the highest weight to strength ratio.

For sailing yachts, or superyachts these shackles are the right choice. Tylaska shackles have been awarded for the best value for money shackles in the past and still the design is leading for professionals.
Where other shackles may open when hoisting the spinnaker, or where spinnaker sheets might be lost when broaching, Tylaska shackles will always remain closed.

On the foredeck the shackles can be opened and closed with 1 hand leaving the other hand for the boat!
If you are looking for superyacht tender lifting shackles, please view the Tylaska SS-series or the Tylaska LH series shackles.

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