Kohlhoff Loop


Connecting parts with ropes is nothing new in sailing. Kohlhoff offers a twin loop rope shackle which is easy to use, extremely strong and safe. This loop is the basic part of all Kohlhoff Loop products. The loops are made of Gottifredi Maffioli’s Compact Braid, a polyurethane coated Dyneema® SK 75 single braid.

Kohlhoff Loop Shackles are light weight and compact sized. They do not cause any damages to deck, hull, superstructure or rig. They do not sink immediately when dropped overboards and they are reasonable prized. Thanks to its flexibility Kohlhoff Loop Shackles can be used everywhere, also at difficult to access locations.

Advantages of the twin loop construction:

• Easier to open and to close

• Closes automatically under load

• Both parts are equally strained which increases the breaking strength

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