Kohlhoff Loopblock  

The LOOP BLOCK 45 and the LOOP BLOCK 60 are the first models of a new series of compact and lightweight multi purpose snatch blocks made by Kohlhoff. The series is now completed with the largest LOOP BLOCK 80.

Kohlhoff Loop Blocks are compact and lightweight snatch blocks fastened with a loop. Thanks to its flexible fixing Kohlhoff Loop Blocks can be used for numerous purposes.

Machined from high-strength aluminum the Kohlhoff Loop Block has an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. The short standard loop minimizes the damage to deck, hull or superstructure. Longer loops are available to extend the range of use and allow the block to swivel.

Kohlhoff Loop Shackles made of Gottifredi Maffioli’s Compact Braid, a polyurethane coated Dyneema® SK 75 single braid. Due to its construction the loops always remain easy to unfasten even after full loading.

Kohlhoff Loop Blocks are weight saving, compact sized and easy to use. They are used for barber haulers, tweakers, halyards and various other applications.

Art.nr Product Gewicht werkbelasting breekbelasting
LB45-3 Loopblock 45mm glijlager met knoop 88 gram 1500 kg 3000 kg
LB45-4 Loopblock 45mm glijlager met pen 91 gram 1500 kg 3000 kg
LB45BB-3 Loopblock 45mm kogellager met knoop 93 gram 1500 kg 3000 kg
LB45BB-4 Loopblock 45mm kogellager met pen 96 gram 1500 kg 3000 kg
LB60-3 Loopblock 60mm glijlager met knoop 206 gram 3000 kg 6000 kg
LB60-4 Loopblock 60mm glijlager met pen 228 gram 3000 kg 6000 kg
LB60BB-3 Loopblock 60mm kogellager met knoop 222 gram 3000 kg 6000 kg
LB60BB-4 Loopblock 60mm kogellager met pen 224 gram 3000 kg 6000 kg
LB80BB-3 Loopblock 80mm kogellager met knoop 608 gram 5000 kg 10.000 kg

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