How to check your mooring lines

When the new mooring lines are taken out of the delivery package, take great care to layout the mooring lines as straight as possible. It is advised to lay the mooring lines out as long as possible to identify if there are any induced twists in the rope, caused by uncoiling and handling of the […]

Anchor snubber line

Being on anchor with your superyacht you would like to release the anchor chain with a snubber line. We can do custom snubber lines in every diameter, length or material you like. The devils claw, or snubber hook can be spliced onto the rope and the other side of the rope could also contain a […]

Loads on super yacht mooring lines

When building a new superyacht many questions arise concerning the breakloads of the bollards, winches, and the mooring lines. A good advice is to check DNV-GL Lloyds requirements by looking at the equipment number of the yacht to select the strength of the mooring line. However this will cause many questions to arise; The equipment […]

Dyneema or Polyester mooring lines?

Many times we are being contacted with the question whether a yacht should go for polyester or dyneema mooring lines. We try to give a bit more information on behaviour of both the dyneema and polyester materials to clarify which rope is the best for your yacht. Polyester is the basic yarn which works great […]