Chafe-Pro Wooly Conditioner

Keep your Wooly’s in great condition.


While our Wooly’s are very though and durable, the leather can become dry and stiff. Especially after cleaning or washing, your wooly’s could use some help. Our conditioner is specially formulated to protect and maintain the Leather.

What does a conditioner do?

Giving the leather some help and attention with our conditioner will ensure a long lifetime. But it also helps to prevent salt stains, keeps the leather from drying out and preventing cracking. Because of the wax type conditioner your Wooly will also be water repellent, making them dry faster after the rain.

It does not take a lot of effort.

Leather conditioner

Maintaining them does not take a lot of effort or time. Just take them of, remove loose dirt and apply the conditioner with a clean cloth to dry leather. Rub it in gently and wait 5 minutes before wiping of the excess. Easy as that!

While our product will work on other leather products, if you so decide it best to do a small test sample. This will ensure compatibility and prevent issues.

Take care of your product and it takes care of you.

Leather is greatly know for it’s toughness and durability. But to keep it going here are some general tips on maintaining and taking care of your product.

  • While leather is very though and durable, try to prevent scratches or running them over sharp edges. Sharp edges can tear the leather and permanently destroy it.
  • To much heat can dry out the leather very quickly. Has it been an especially hot week? Make sure to use our conditioner and keep the leather hydrated, soft and flexible.
  • Keep it clean, while clean leather is happy leather, keeping it clean will also minimize any chance of scratching on your paint or gel-coat.

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