Spinlock solas lifejacket

Spinlock inflatable lifejackets, Solas and Non-Solas.

spinlock solas lifejacket

Spinlock has been known for many years by producing the most comfortable inflatable lifejackets on the market. Available in both 150N and 275N.
Their latest product is the Solas Approved lifejacket which is approved to the ISO12402-2 and 2010SOLAS MSC20(80) regulations.

Spinlock has managed to create a lifejacket which still maintains its unique comfortable design while it approves to all the strict SOLAS regulations, including double firing mechanism.

The Spinlock Deckware range consist of basic lightweight lifejackets till lifejackets that include all accessories like a sprayhood and flash light.
There are 2 firing mechanisms available; Hammar and Pro-Sensor, and also available in 2 categories; 150N and 275N.
All items have 1 thing in common; comfort. If a lifejacket isn’t being worn it doesn’t make any sense. This is why our Spinlock lifejackets are all based on comfort.
For superyachts we supply mainly the Deckvest LITE and Deckvest SOLAS.

Spinlock Deckvest Lite lifejacketThe Deckvest LITE is extremely lightweight, easy to put on and has a great wearing comfort. It is available in 5 different colors and can have logo’s printed on the front.
The LITE has got 5 years of warranty and is produced with high-grade materials.
Deckvest Lite is perfect for daily wear on the yacht and tenders. It’s also a perfect lifejacket to wear during transport to the shore. One size fits all.

Solas lifejacket


The SOLAS approved Deckvest is the latest product of Spinlock.
This lifejacket has been designed for commercial marine and superyachts that require the solas standard.
The extreme requirements make it normally very difficult to make a lifejacket that is easy to wear. Due to Spinlock’s long term experiences in the lifejacket market they are the first to have made a lifejacket that is comfortable to wear.


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Service and maintenance

Spinlock recommends to have the lifejackets checked every 2 years. More Marine is certified to fulfill these checks and provides certificates with it. Please contact us for a servicing protocol for your lifejackets.

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