Looking for new fenders?

Having the right fenders on any yacht is crucial to protect paintwork and prevent damage. As standards on board superyachts is higher than anywhere else we only work with the best. We work with 2 types of inflatable fenders and Polyform USA for the smaller solid fenders. All are created with quality and long lifespans in mind.

Inflatable fenders

Inflatable fenders are a perfect solution for superyachts. They require very little storage space and are very light-weight. Inflating and deflating is a breeze with quick action valves which also allow for a permanent open position. Furthermore they are easy to clean, long lasting and have changeable fender covers.

Mega fenders

MEGA fenders are a great solution for all-purpose fenders. Made out of heavy duty PVC these fenders are extreme strong and durable.
The mega-fenders have a durable Stainless Steel D-ring on top, assembled with Kevlar thread.

A heavy duty construction eliminates the need for a protective cover.

The MEGA fenders are available in black and can be fitted with matching fender covers to protect paint or gelcoat if needed.

MEGA fenders
sizes of infatable fenders

Polyform US fenders

The Polyform fenders have been known for a long time for the best available quality fenders when it comes to non-inflatables.
They are inflatable of course, but the fenders are made out of a very solid high quality material that guarantees long term safety of the boat.

polyform fenders
polyform F series fenders size table

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