Chafe pro abrasion chafe gear

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Sailing on a superyacht you can’t do without mooring lines.

With vessels getting larger demands placed on mooring lines get higher and higher. Friction in and around fairleads create huge problems and easily melt covers, destroying a mooring line. Having great anti abrasion chafe gear can greatly increase the lifespan of a mooring or tow line. Superb materials and excellent workmanship, we can supply you with anti abrasion gear made to fit your requirements and high standards.

Chafe-Pro anti chafe gear

For over 20 years Chafe-Pro have proven itself by protecting the lines of US coastguard and US navy, and now has found its way into the superyacht industry keeping the physical strengths but combined with great aesthetically aspects.

Chafe Pro protection for your ropes.

Ballistic chafe gearChafe pro anti chafe gear are the best protection for your mooring ropes available. The high-grade nylon material provides even more protection compared to leather sleeves. The range goes from heavy duty Ballistic Chafe gear till the ultra-soft Wooly’s

The superyacht range involves detailed finishing of the non-abrasive heavy duty nylon materials. The Megayacht range includes sleeves for mooring lines and the Wooly range for fenderlines.

Chafe Pro ballistic chafe gear is produced out of marine grade abrasion-resistant polyester and nylon/cordura textiles. The unique mix between Nylon/cordura and Polyester is extreme durable in the woven construction like we use in our products. It remains soft and therefore won’t scratch the fairleads or other items of your superyacht.
The inside of the chafe gear contains soft nylon hooks to engage the gear with the rope. Therefore the product will stay right in place on the mooring line without damaging the rope.

Chafe-Pro Megayacht

Chafe-Pro Wooly

Chafe-Pro Tubular sleeve

Chafe pro anti chafe gear are the best protection for your mooring ropes available. The high-grade nylon material provides even more protection compared to leather sleeves. The Chafe Pro Megayacht series have Velcro hooks in the inside to ensure the sleeve won’t slide across the rope getting away from the chafe area. Folded over and stitched seems make the unit look great. With the Velcro closure system the units are easy to install.

To protect the hull and paint from scratching fenderlines Chafe Pro developed the high quality Wooly series.

The original New Zealand sheepskin prevents fender and docklines from scuffing paint or gel coat finishes.  The proprietary color and tanning process guarantees dyes that will not fade or run, even under the hardest conditions at sea. Available in black and white.


Chafe-Pro SL-series, tubular sleeve which is placed in the eye of the rope when produced. Designed to be a permanent chafe solution, made from high grade Nylon/Polyester. Product is meant to be a tight fit around the mooring line which gives a great look as compared to leather which shrinks and becomes baggy.

Chafe-Pro Chafe Mat

Chafe Mat

The Chafe mat is the perfect solution for all modern tenders. It makes sure to protect the paint against chafing of the mooring lines or the fenderlines. The mat is strong on the outside with an abrasion resistant layer, and soft on the inside in order not to damage the paint. Also it provides some non-slip so it won’t slide.

2 versions are available; for 20cm cleats or 30cm cleats. Logo’s are optional.


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More Marine is European supplier for Chafe-Pro. Based in the Netherlands we supply the well known superyacht builders with mooring lines, safety rails systems, fenders, and of course the Chafe-Pro anti abrasion gear.
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