Chafe-Pro Fender hooks

Looking for fenderhooks?

Hanging or moving fenders becomes a breeze with the right equipment.

With traditional fender-hooks you are almost exclusively looking at custom solutions which are expensive and take a lot of time to prepare. Chafe-Pro fender hooks are unique and able to hang on cap-rails or railings. The simple and non custom approach allow the hook to fold over caprails up to 77mm. After placing the hook the fender line feeds through stainless steel grommets locking the unit in place and securing the fenderline with a stainless steel cleat.

Multiple options

Choose between two options for the fender hooks, black or brown leather finish. Wooly Sheepskin, or anti slip on the inside. Standard cam cleats are polished stainless steel but mat black aluminium is also an option.

Just let us know, the choice is yours.

Only the best

With the success and lessons learned from Chafe-Pro rope protection the fender hook is truly unique. With only the best materials in our anti slip technology  or New Zealand sheep skins and leather top. The fender hooks are very easy to install and remove or replace. With Anti-slip the hook hangs great on stainless steel or wire. When protection of the surface is more important, like painted wood, the sheepskin on the inside might be more suitable.

Made from 100% New Zealand sheepkins they will not lose hairs or bleed over time.
The maintenance free leather is the highest quality available, it is UV stable, weather proof and it won’t dry out for many years.

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Shipping and deliveries

We are able to prepare and ship your order with very short lead times, and provide shipments throughout Europe and the UAE

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