Nautibuoy Jet-ski dock

Jet-ski dock

By simply connecting any two Nautibuoy platforms into a T-Shape, you are able to create your own Jet-Ski dock. This prevents damage to transoms and Jet-Skis as well as giving safer and easier transfer for yourself and your guests.

How does it work?

By using the supplied Air-Toggle, simply join the two platforms into an T-Shape to create a very simple and effective Jet-Ski dock.

Single platform options

By using 1 pair of L-Bow’s you are able to provide docking for two Jet-Skis.

Configuration as shown:

  • 1 x Voyager 525
  • 1 x pair of L-bow joints

Watersport Station

With two platforms and two C-docks you are able to create a very large Watersport Station. It provides space for 2 c-bobs, 2 Jet-Skis as well as a large area to relax and enjoy.

Configuration as shown:

  • 1 x Voyager 525
  • 1 x Voyager 800
  • 1 pair of L-bow joints
  • 2x C-Dock Teak


Especially when in a swell platforms bound together can easily ride up and over each other causing problems. With Nautiboy Airtoggles this problem can be avoided. Specially created to separate the platforms and keep the platforms level to each other.

Have a look at below video for a demonstration on a wave pool

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