Custom made fenderhooks for superyachts in caprail or bullwark shapes.

We make custom on board mouldings which are digitalized. We CNC-bend the SS cores for a perfect fit on the bullwark or caprail. 

Our fender hooks can be supplied with cleats (alu or SS), fairleads (solid or threadless), spreader bars, anti-chafe strips, velcro for the fenderlines, mooring whip holders,  etc. So pretty much every solution can be made!

We use only the best available materials to ensure a great durability for the product thus the best protection for your yacht!

The fenderhooks are always custom built. There are standard specs available, but the hook always needs a custom bending in order to fit the bulkwark perfectly.

All our fenderhooks will have sheep wool on the inside to provide the best protection for the yacht. For a good finishing the fenderhooks will be finished off with hand stitched leather. Optionally we can finish the fenderhooks off with carbon look leather, or with our M-dura layer to make the fenderhook even more durable.

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Being supplier of the leading superyacht builders in the Netherlands we have been supplying the fenders, mooring lines, fenderhooks and others for many years. Our customers require only the best.

If you need any fenderhooks please feel free to contact us and ask us for a quotation. For a good quotation we would need some information like which items you need on the fenderhook like cleats, fairleads etc. Of course the type of core is important, as well as the rough shape of the bulkwark.
If this all sounds like it is getting complex,  just email us or call us so we can help and advise you on the best type of fenderhook for your yacht.

Full Service– we can come to you on board to template the fenderhooks and make sure that they will fit perfectly.


Above you can find some different options on the fenderhooks. More options are available, the above are just a few examples.

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