Tuff Luff slotted headstay systems

Looking for a forestay profile?

Tuff luff double slotted headsail systems with its revolutionary airfoil shape love sailing and sailors love them. Its airfoil shape provide lift and provides a steady stream of air for the head sail, providing maximum lift and pointing capabilities. The twin slots are for easy hoisting of a new head sail while the other one is still providing drive for you yacht.

Keep on winning

Tuff Luff headstay profiles have been the choice and market leader for many years. They are the standard on racing sailboats. The twin groove foil provides easy and fast racing sails changes.

The aerodynamic shape gives a steady stream of air for the Genoa or Jib, with faster reattachment to the sail. Giving less drag with more lift!

No modifications to the sailing yacht rig or sails have to be made. The Unique design of the Tuff-Luff allows for a lightweight and very fast installation.

Fast deliveries!

As supplier and distributor for Schaefer Tuff Luff we carry good stock on all models. We are able to prepare and ship your order throughout Europe and the UAE within days.

Tuff Luff forestay profile

Tuff luff double slotted forestay profile allows for easy and fast racing sail changes with minimal downtime. Its revolutionary airfoil profile provides a steady stream of air for the head sail, increasing pointing capabilities and maximum lift.

The unique design of the Schaefer Marine Tuff-Luff allows for the unit to be installed while the mast is up and no modifications to the sailboats rig have to be made.

They are available in a variety of sizes suitable for the smallest keel-boat to the biggest of sailing yachts. Also have a look at our size chart or send u an email if you are not sure.

productweightextrusion lengthheadstay length maxmax stay diam.rod max diam.luff tape
1205-363.63 kg11000mm12200mm6mm-104mm
1205-464.45 kg14000mm15200mm6mm-104mm
1706-364.08 kg11000mm12200mm8mm-175mm
1706-465.44 kg14000mm15200mm8mm-175mm
1706-595.90 kg18000mm19200mm8mm-175mm
2206-466.8 kg14000mm15200mm10mm-225mm
2206-598.16 kg18000mm19200mm10mm-225mm
2206-7210.43 kg22000mm23200mm10mm-225mm
3007-8018.14 kg24300mm26100mm11mm-306mm
4807-9524.95 kg28900mm30700mm14mm-486mm
6008-11031.75 kg33500mm35400mm16mm-607mm
7608-13063.50 kg39600mm40800mm16mm-767mm

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