Superyacht tow lines

Looking to tow a chase boat?

When the choice is made to tow your chase boat, you want a reliable but most of all safe towing system.

A superyacht tender, rib or water sport toy can create lots of drag and tension on ropes. For the first part of the system we would recommend to use a spare double braided polyester mooring line. If placed as a bridle on two points on the stern this would spread the load evenly but will also be more than strong enough.

Floating Dyneema tow lines

For the main standing part a floating line is desirable so it doesn’t get caught when the yacht is stopped.

For easy storage and easy handling we would recommend a Dyneema single braided line in a bright color for easy identification whilst underway.

Bright Dyneema

The standing part in a Dyneema tow line setup is often 50 meters to create a safe distance between the yacht and chase boat.

With a bright color it is easy to identify if the tow line becomes slack or when it becomes under tension. For that reason our standard color for tow lines is yellow.

Soft connections

To safely connect the tender to the tow line heavy stainless steel Tylaska shackles are often used. They work great and last a long time but can easily damage the yacht, toy or tender. A safer and more economical alternative is a soft-shackle.

Made from the same Dyneema, for a strong but also scratch free connection point, also if you accidentally drop them in the water, they float!

Tow line for Superyacht tenders
Tow lines for superyacht tenders nicely in a stow bag for easy handling.

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