Mooring ropes identification NFC

Identifying mooring lines with NFC

mooring rope identification

European superyacht item distributor More Marine recently developed a great new tool to ensure maximum protection for superyachts using the latest NFC technology.

Many times crew are unsure when the mooring lines were bought and what the specifications are. Older ropes lose breaking-strength and when re-ordering mooring lines it can be dangerous if a lower grade rope is being ordered resulting in possible break.

The main issue with ropes is they all look similar from the outside. This might cause some serious issues when re-ordering or in case of claims.
Superyacht crew are re-ordering mooring lines without exactly knowing all the technical details of the original ropes on board.
Jan-Pieter Botman of More Marine: ” Being supplier for the main superyacht yards in the Netherlands we carefully select the right technical specifications with the engineers of the yard. From the outside of the rope it is hard to tell the materials being used, and the specific breaking load of the rope. When replacing it for another brand or diameter you might end up with less breaking load which could be quite dangerous.”

Also in case of any claim it’s very important to identify the mooring line. It is hard to tell which mooring lines are replaced during the years making it more difficult to claim any damage or to know the breaking strength of the rope. Specially now dyneema mooring lines are being supplied more often within the industry, diameters are getting much smaller whilst the breaking loads are remaining.
It would be really tricky if somebody re-orders the same diameter in polyester instead of dyneema.

Latest NFC (Near Field Communication) technology allows smartphones* to scan the mooring lines and identify all needed information. Within a second all this information pops up on the screen, providing all data to check the age of the ropes, and the needed information to order new ropes with the same properties. Also can the rope be traced back to production in case of any warranty claim.
The NFC chip It is being protected by a carbon/epoxy finish making it look really nice and finishing the rope very robust. The chips don’t contain batteries so there actually is no maximum lifespan of this chip.

More Marine is European distributor for  M-ropes  and Gleistein. All our brands can be fitted out with this NFC chip at no extra cost.

Please check our mooring lines assortment, or contact us for any enquiry or extra information.

Mooring rope NFC identification

* For the moment Iphone does have NFC technology but this is only being used for Apple Pay, therefore the Iphone can’t scan NFC Chips, however it is planned to add this functionality in one of the software updates.