Mooring ropes identification NFC

Identifying mooring lines

Mooring lines are often labeled or have color coded whippings at the end to keep them apart. This works great when new but when the line gets older, labels get torn and whippings get lose.

The main issue with ropes is they all look similar from the outside. Older ropes lose breaking-strength and when re-ordering mooring lines it can be dangerous if a lower grade rope is being ordered.

Also in case of any claim it’s very important to identify the mooring line. It is hard to tell which mooring lines are replaced during the years making it more difficult to claim any damage or to know the breaking strength of the rope.


NFC technology

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology allows smartphones to scan the mooring lines and identify all needed information.

Within seconds all the mooring line details pop up on the screen. This give the user access to all the technical data of the mooring rope and the needed information to order new ropes with the same properties. The rope can also be traced back to production in case of any warranty claim.

The NFC chip It is being protected by a carbon/epoxy finish making it look really nice bus is also very durable. The chips don’t contain batteries so there actually is no maximum lifespan of this chip.

How does it work?

Most common Andriod and Iphone smartphones have NFC reading capabilities built in. After scanning the mooring line details pop up on your screen showing the following data:

  • Mooring lines production date
  • Length
  • Breakloads
  • Diameter
  • Brand


Android users

Android users need to install a free app, we like to use “Tagwriter” this app can be downloaded for free from the Google play store.

Afterwards just open the app and hit the scan button, after scanning the mooring line with the back of the phone all details pop up on your screen.

Iphone users

From the *Iphone X and newer you don’t even need an app, just scan the tag with the top right corner of the phone and screen unlocked.

*Iphones use NFC mostly for Apple pay, reading our tags might sometimes not work at all because of it.


NFC on M-ropes mooring lines

Our NFC chips can be found as standard on all our M-ropes M32  and D32 mooring lines. Placed at the end of the mooring line and covered in carbon/epoxy, finished off with a black or color coded whipping as standard.

NFC on Gleistein mooring lines

NFC chips can be placed on all Gleistein Geo-twin and X-twin mooring lines but is optional. The free end is heat cut and whipped black or color coded as standard.

mooring rope identification

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