Nautibuoy Airtoggle system

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Airtoggle technology makes linking platforms super easy in every way that suits you!

Have the freedom to create something truly unique. Using our smart linking system you’re able to create every shape you like, fast!

The revolutionary Airtoggle system makes for quick and easy to inflating and deflating. You can change setups with very little time and effort.

Cleverly designed, the system lets you link all platform sizes to one another. Create anything from a Jet-ski dock to long pontoons and shapes.

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How Air Toggles work.

Versatile, simple and easy to use.

All of our platforms have strategically positioned soft loop handles. Simply undo the Velcro to release the Air Toggle loops for your desired configuration. The platforms can be pulled together and linked securely. By inserting the deflated Air Toggle through the loops and inflating, you are able to create an instant entrapment free connection. To add extra security connection straps are provided.

Not only does the AirToggle System add flexibility with connection, it also provides our platforms with a 2nd air chamber for safety. Meeting strict EN 15649-1-2-3:2012 compliance regulations.

Designed to stop the platforms rising and falling on top of each other in swell, they also prevent possible entrapment between connected platforms. The Air Toggle system keeps the platforms level with each other during any movement.

Popular configurations

Jet-Ski dock (T-Shape)                                Side by Side

Watersports station (L-Shape)                    End to End

See the Air Toggle and Transom Bumpers in action. Tests were carried out in Plymouth University at the COAST Lab wave pool. The jet-ski dock, configured from a Voyager 525 and a Voyager 375, was subjected to low and high frequency waves for 9 hrs.


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