Tylaska Lifting Hook LH series

Tylaska LH, Lifting Hook series.

Locking hook

Tylaska recently launched their latest LH-Series, the Lifting Hook.

These Tylaska lifting hooks automatically close when you apply load, and are not able to open while load is applied. They are fully CE certified, however not Lloyds or DNV-GL certified.

The Tylaska LH series comes in the following sizes and specifications:
Tylaska LH8 – workload 2,6 ton
Tylaska LH10 – workload 4 tons
Tylaska LH13 – workload 6,8 tons

LH series

Please find our specification sheet in pdf if you would like to find out  more about the Lifting hook series.

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Tylaska has been producing high quality shackles for many years. Being the market leader in Stainless Steel shackles they continue improving their products.
The LH shackles are unique in the production, materials and design. If load is being set on the hook, the hook can’t be opened. This way the hooks are super safe to be used for overhead lifting.

Every shackle is being tested under load before shipping, this ensures the best quality and reliability.