Double braid mooring lines

Double braided mooring lines

The double braid construction is by far most popular for superyachts. This construction creates great flexibility on the rope which ensures great handling on board. The rope has less tendency to “kink” and therefore is easy to use and stow in the yacht.

The abrasion resistance is great because of the large surface the 32 plaits create. Specially if using leather finishing or our Chafe-pro protection systems.
The amount of twist in the yarn is important for the characteristics of the rope. Lots of twist means very good resistance against abrasion, but less flexible.  The yarns in the core need different twist compared to the ones in the cover.
For M-ropes mooring lines we carefully select and test the best specifications for the best Mooring ropes and so the best protection for your yacht!


With two very strong brands we can supply the best rope to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for the best price, or for the best technical quality rope. We offer you M-ropes and Gleistein ropes for superyachts of 40m – 180m with short lead times throughout Europe.

Polyester mooring lines

Yachts 40 to 80 meter will typically use Polyester; the longevity is great, and it provides good stretch. Also Polyester mooring lines will stay soft and flexible for longer and lose no strength when wet. Yachts 40 to 80 meter will typically use between 32 and 44mm Polyester mooring lines, this is a great size which provides excellent break loads but still being relatively lightweight.

Our double braided mooring lines are made with a 32-plait braided cover, the 32 plaits create a soft and flexible rope.
The core is twisted and woven for great breaking strength, but also good stretch.
Polyester is by far the most sold mooring line at the moment. Polyester has a great abrasion resistance, stays flexible and has a good breaking strength.
We offer the Gleistein Geotwin polyester and the M32 of M-ropes.Both products are similar in construction and quality with only small differences.

Dyneema mooring lines

Yachts over 80 meter will benefit more from Dyneema lines, with almost double the strength in the same diameter as Polyester. This allows a significant reduction in diameter and weight and makes handling a lot easier.

Dyneema is a great material; it is lightweight, very strong and has good abrasion resistance. Superyachts over 80 meter commonly chose for Dyneema or Spectra as a core material.
By using Dyneema mooring lines you can have a smaller diameter and so easier handling. We advise using a polyester cover to protect the rope against abrasion. Also Dyneema is very slippery, and therefore tends to slip.
We offer the Gleistein X-twin with a dyneema SK78core and a 24 plait outer cover or  our M-ropes dyneema with 12-strand core and 24-plait cover.

Standard NFC identification tags

Standard on all M-ropes mooring lines is our NFC tag. Enabling you to scan the mooring line and know the production date, breaking strength and other details within seconds.

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Three Eye-Splice finishes

Standard on all M-ropes mooring lines is heavy duty hand stitched leather. Other options include Chafe-Pro or chrome leather.

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Color coded whippings

Standard on all M-ropes mooring lines are color coded whippings which makes identifying even easier.

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Polyester breakload table

gleistein geotwin breaking load

Dyneema breakload table

Gleistein X-twin dyneema